Is The air conditioning in Orange City and Deland Responsible For a Dusty Home

The problem of dust is present in all homes and most of the times homeowners are not even aware that the air conditioning unit is the culprit. Layers of dust go on accumulating on the furniture, upholstery and other nook and corner and the homeowner finds it to be tough to dust the entire place down every day. There is no need to take all that hassle only if the air conditioning is well looked after. Experts handling air conditioning in Orange City and Deland homes are of the opinion that ac service and cleaning at the right time can save one of all that hassle.

Most of the times, it is the dusty air filters that are to be held responsible. One cannot deny that the filters in the air conditioning units are one of its most crucial components. That is why it makes sense to start from there only. According to the ac installation and repair technicians, the HVAC air filters need to be looked at and serviced at least once in a month. If on checking their condition is found to be very bad, then it is better to get the air filters either repaired, or replaced. If one’s property is located in a dusty area or one has pets, then it is better to get the filters replaced at frequent intervals. The filters attract and collect the dust and dirt from the air that circulates within the house. When the filters are not cleaned, they get clogged and does ot work as efficiently as they should. That is when the dust stays in the air and the home starts feeling dusty.

If the filters are to be replaced, then consider ones with a higher MERV rating. These filters might come costly than the standard ones, but their functionality is definitely better and they are likely to last one longer as well. When the filters are being changed, one has to ensure that there is a tight seal around the sides. If the filter is not fitted correctly or it is not of a good size, then dust will make entry into the home very easily.

Once the air filters are taken care of, next ask any technician for AC service in Orange City and Sanford to check for leakage in the ductwork. This is a common problem, which might lead to more accumulation of dust over the time. Over the time and due to improper maintenance, the ducts may develop small gaps through which the dust seeps in past the filters and right into the air vents. To see whether there is a leak in the ducts, one needs to inspect the vents. Dust build up on the fins or around the vents might lead to a problem of leaks in the ductwork. Small leaks in the ductwork can be handled on own by putting duct tape across the leaks. There can however be bigger leaks in the ductwork which will need to be inspected by professionals. The technicians have the knowledge and the license to detect and patch the leaks efficiently and also reach out to the places where the dust has accumulated more.


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