When to Repair the Heat Pumps Sanford than Replacing it Completely?

The heat pumps can generally last for an extent of almost two decades, but there might be situations when you will find some declining signs in its service much before the estimated time period. In order to get the most of the value for the investment that you’ve made on your pump, you would expect it to last as long as possible, but while you go for repairing it, the investment is never warranted. There are some points which must be clarified so that you can take the decision of whether to replace it entirely or repair certain parts of your heat pump Sanford.

  • A pump that has been well maintained all the year has the ability to perform almost 25 percent better than the neglected machines. If the pumps are being scheduled for an annual servicing faithfully, it signifies that it is still energy efficient. So you might prefer investing on such a pump for repairing.

  • Your pump might be just a couple of years old, but if it isn’t heating your home evenly even after repairing it for few times, then it is better not to repair it further. Finding some replacement for this pump might give some more comforting atmosphere within the room and even offer higher payback of the investment made.

  • If you find the pump to be an energy hog and the effect is directly found on the electricity bills, it is time to consider for a replacement. When used in mild climatic regions, the heat pumps are found to be efficient particularly on the heating mode. The energy saving must be found visible on the heating bill and not on the energy draining.

  • Most of the certified contractors who help in repairing the heating pumps and other AC parts Orange City consider that is sounds reasonable to replace any machine that is older than a decade. There’s just one reason behind it, the newer systems employ higher efficiency features which increase the energy savings by a huge margin. The latest models of the heat pumps generally use two-stage compressors, air handlers of variable speed and a coil design which has proved to be more efficient.

Most of the experts have agreed that the decision to repair the heat pumps are warranted when:

  • If the warranty on the system is still held.

  • If the age of the pump is less than 10 years.

  • If the heat pump has had no repairs prior to this one.

  • If the repair is minor and within an affordable budget.

Repairs such as changing the air filters or straightening the fins of coil are minors and wont cost much. But if the repair calls for changing the compressor or even the motor, then it’s better not to invest this large for the repair as it wont give back a good net return.


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